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At Vd Hotels we offer high-profile professional services to managers and companies in the hotel sector.



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Why choose Vd Hotels

Ability to satisfy the wishes of a demanding user

These are people who enjoy travelling, who have spent holidays and stays in different types of hotels and locations, and who are looking for innovative formulas that are able to reflect the characteristics of the place as much as possible.

Respect for the Cultural Environment

It is moving directly in the direction of recovering the artistic and cultural heritage of smaller centres, pursued with tenacity by both EU and national and local policies, and shows that it has the potential to increase income and employment in small centres, to maintain or increase the population, without intervening by contaminating the culture, the environment, the identity of the places.

Originality and Novelty of the Proposal

A largely original accommodation solution entails greater visibility and offers numerous advantages in terms of positioning strategy in the tourist market.

Management Style

It is characterized in the receptive universe by the original atmosphere, by the methods of providing services and by its connection with the territory, a unique style because it simultaneously reflects the personality of those who wanted it and the spirit of the territory. The management aims to offer an experience linked to the territory also in the times and rhythms of the service, as well as in the services and products offered.

Who we are

Expert Consultants in Hotel Management

Vd hotels was born in 2015 from the decades-long experience of its founder, Dr. Montalto Daniele, with the aim of offering management and high-profile professional services to companies in the hotel sector.

Hotels we Manage

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